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Data Integration and B2B Projects

Wish you could have all the data you need to achieve your business targets? We’ll make your wish come true.

Integrate our invaluable data, scores, reports and applications into your internal processes. You will maximise your valuation times, reduce manual error, streamline your procedures and calibrate them to your needs.




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Make our information, scores and analysis yours

Risk management processes, whether for lending or other purposes, can be very time-consuming. You need to draw from different sources of information and work with different data providers to access the various types of databases you want.

We will create a special portal for you to give you access to our vast wealth of data and services, helping you automate searches and establish the most effective processes for your organisational structure. We do all this with an agile software development mindset, designing custom solutions for you that are easy to integrate as our applications are ready-to-use.

You will be accompanied by a team of professionals who specialise in all vertical sectors; they are account managers and consultants who will help you design the right solution for your company in a co-creation process. You will be able to integrate our service platforms and information flows into your systems. All this comes with value-added automation, to let you work more efficiently, pragmatically and faster. In real time, you will receive all the data, analyses, reports and scores you need to inform your decision-making processes and business strategies.

Product advantages

Automate your operations and make them more efficient with tailor-made batch extractions.

Use our SaaS applications to resolve workflow issues and credit management dashboarding.

Work with our project managers and analysts under an agile mindset, a co-creation approach and design thinking atmosphere.

Discover the advantages of our API portal to support your integration and open innovation projects.

API portal:  https://developer.cerved.com/

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