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International Panorama

Make your international operations safer. We give you the concrete foundations for all your sales initiatives.

We give you access to all official and unofficial data available on companies abroad. You can evaluate their true reliability through both basic company details in due diligence and in typical credit assessments.


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Objective, reliable data for you

To operate on an international scale, you need objective, reliable data. With the same rigour we uphold when serving companies on Italian markets, we guarantee consistent interpretations of data and assessments of businesses that operate in other countries. You will be able to perceive both negative and positive changes in your foreign counterpart’s situation through our tested and proven scoring systems. In this way, you will reduce the risk of trade credits turning into bad debts, avert interruptions in strategic supplies and be able to start new trade relations with healthy, sustainable customers abroad. Plus, you’ll be able to keep a single, cohesive portfolio management system for both Italian and international customers.


We set all of our skills in motion


You can count on a team of over 30 expert consultants who gather and analyse official and unofficial data for you, to help you concretely assess suppliers and customers alike. You will receive accurate documentation on various types of counterparts: companies, individuals as well as non-registered businesses, public bodies and other institutions. This will ensure your operational continuity and allow you to safely venture into new markets.

Our network of international partners


We do not act alone. To facilitate exchanges and international trade, we founded BIGnet, a network of leading partners in financial information in each country in which they operate. We can therefore offer you a standardised format that gives you access to a series of up-to-date data and in-depth reports about your international counterparts, guaranteeing high-quality local data and coverage of over 220 countries around the globe.

Product advantages

Receive more accurate assessments of foreign suppliers.

Reduce overall credit risk.

Make your international trading safer.

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