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Italian Panorama

Set your sales strategies from a more informed position than ever before.
Knowing who your best and riskiest customers are gives you a leg up.

When deciding whether to do business with someone, you want to know how reliable they are, if they’ve had negative experiences in the past, and if they’re going to pay you on time. We give you this information – and much more. We tell you where an organisation operates, who its key people are and what kind of reputation it has, and we update you on any changes. This helps you protect your business even better, while at the same time allowing you to seize hidden opportunities.


sections available

12 Mln

documents provided over the course of 2019

64 Mln

payment transactions tracked

180 Mln

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The fullest possible range of italian information

In business, you need to see the bigger picture to minimise your risks. Spectrum Italy does just that. It brings you the fullest possible range of information – from official, unofficial and even exclusive sources – about Italian companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, associations and other institutions. Guaranteed. With the added bonus of vertical integration in individual sectors such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and telecoms & utilities. You can choose from several different service lines and use the numbers and scores that enable you to make the best possible assessment of your customers’ and suppliers’ real creditworthiness, both before and after you decide to extend trade credit to them.

Not only will you have access to the most pertinent data available (even on businesses that aren’t registered with the Chamber of Commerce), but with our services, you will also gain a much broader perspective: we provide the most relevant news, collected by our analysts every day, to help you grasp and analyse the evolving dynamics of the organisations you do business with – both the positives and the negatives. You will be able to keep constant checks on their basic details, financials, business registry files, property portfolios, payment patterns, operational profiles, related parties, significant events and any market-sensitive information. All with the peace of mind that the data is always up-to-date and first-hand.

Plus, once you’ve decided that another organisation is trustworthy enough to do business with, you will be in the right position to set appropriately restrictive or lenient payment terms and conditions. You can then monitor specific companies and your entire customer portfolio to keep an informed eye on the situation. This will enable you to decide when to extend further credit or allow payments in instalments, while still keeping your supply and trade credit risks to a minimum and thus strengthening the financial health of your business.

Choose the line that fits you best:

Business Line

integrated official data, Cerved’s value-added data, automatic valuations and analysis articles.

Individuals Line

integrated official data and analysis articles.

Non-Company Line

unofficial data and analysis articles on public bodies, associations, foundations, committees and other non-company organisations.

Professionals Line

financial statements, business register files, owner and shareholder lists, official deeds and a plethora of other.

Real Estate Line

land register reports and other information to verify a physical or legal person’s property holdings, along with any mortgages or foreclosures registered with the Italian Real Estate Registry Offices.

Public Sector Line

complete, informative profiles of public bodies, government-owned companies and suppliers of public sector institutions (i.e. businesses that have been awarded public tenders, and/or have obtained SOA or CONSIP certification).

Want to know more about our services?


Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of your business partners and customers.

Learn who the most reliable companies, the best suppliers and the most dependable payers are.

Analyse companies’ financial trends, and measure their creditworthiness and their reputations.

Decide in advance who to grant credit to, and who to offer longer payment terms to.

Gain information and analysis, in various levels of detail and depth.

Monitor risks through long-term projections, in order to make sound strategic business decisions.

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