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Some customers are paying you late but paying other suppliers on time. And vice-versa.

To run a sustainable business, you can’t ignore your customers’ solvency. Join the PayLine community and share your experiences, anonymously, with other businesses. You will be contributing to greater transparency on the market, reduce your risks related to customer insolvency, and direct your business towards customers who pay on time.

The largest business community that focuses on payments

PayLine will help you learn the payment transaction histories and risk trends of every organisation you do business with or intend to do business with. The business members of this community provide information about their customers’ payment patterns: how they pay other suppliers, whether they pay on time, and how they manage cash flows. Sharing this information will help you and the entire market, because you will be able to see any liquidity stress signals in advance. This will reduce the risk of customer insolvency issues and enable you to prioritise customers that pay on time.

This highly personalised service will enable you to access a vast database that systematically records the payment patterns of all Italian companies. It monitors negative events as well as the operational status of each business. We also analyse deferred payment histories and positive payment experiences, to give you a complete picture of your customers’ payment patterns. You will also have the opportunity to monitor risk margins with respect to each of your active customers, and find out which ones act differently with other suppliers. All this will help you make better decisions.

PayLine is a supremely valuable data tool to evaluate how financially reliable an organisation is. The system provides instant intuitive illustrations to give you a complete picture of payment methods and patterns. You can also take advantage of input from an analyst, who will help you set data extraction parameters and analyse all the information you need, from financial statement figures to negative credit events, major changes related to any organisation, and payment patterns integrated into the company prospectus.

You can access PayLine within Cerved Credit Suite and keep an organisation’s payment patterns and risk trends right in front of you. With everything presented in a simple, intuitive and immediately usable format.


Reduce insolvency issues and understand how financially reliable and healthy a company is

Continuously monitor the timescales and terms in which each of your customers pays their other suppliers

Obtain and use payment term benchmarks for specific economic sectors or geographical areas to support your assessments

Anticipate liquidity stress signals using several different measurement techniques (e.g. ageing, DSO/DPO)

Monitor 100% of your customer portfolio, to reduce insolvency risk and prioritise customers that pay on time

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