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Silos Credit Desk and MonDo

Simplify data searches regarding customer positions.

We have created an innovative platform for banks, credit institutions and medium to large companies that enables your organisation to monitor, archive and share information, as well as to integrate Cerved’s proprietary data into your data streams.

One environment that can host multiple simultaneous users

Managing your customer portfolio involves different sets of search and reference criteria depending on the context, often requiring several people to work at the same time. Silos Credit Desk is a platform that will bring value, effectiveness and efficiency to your portfolio management. A cross between a web search and internal database management software, our solution incorporates Cerved data with your information streams. Enrich your datasets with our wealth of information on companies, other organisations and individuals.

In this way, you will be able to manage, monitor and archive an enormous quantity of information, and be able to put the pieces together in a logical and well-ordered fashion. The platform can be used simultaneously be each user you enable. You will have access to unique, high-performing environments that allow you to share documents purchased with all users you decide to activate. All this happens on a supremely clear and intuitive interface.

Documents purchased are archived to make it easier to monitor, search for and consult them at any time. Depending on your needs, data can be called up via API, FTP and web services, where you receive them in either aggregate or individual format according to your needs. In addition, you can set up several purchasing profiles and receive a report of purchases made by each user, for better monitoring of your cost and consumption policies.

Integrate our data with the information already contained in your systems.
Share all the information requested.
Enable simultaneous access by multiple users.
Archive documents purchased so you can consult them any time.

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Rich information – Access to a unique, vast wealth of information, where officially reported data is combined with our proprietary data, which can be incorporated into your company’s systems.

Intuitive experience – An innovative interface designed to improve user navigation and make searching for, viewing and requesting information go faster.

Search for multiple organisations and people – immediate, complete, up-to-date information about companies, individuals and other organisations that are not registered businesses.

Documents always up to date – Arranged by type and purchase date, documents are constantly updated thanks to a monitoring service.

Multi-user – The platform allows documents purchased to be shared amongst all activated users, with purchase profiling for each user and detailed reporting of purchases.

Who we serve


Financial companies

Medium and large companies