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Consumer Information

The power of Experian’s credit information system, at your service.

Thanks to our partnership with Experian Italia, we give you access to all the information, data and tools that provide you with a clear, reliable picture of how consistently an individual has fulfilled his or her debt commitments.

Experian’s Credit Information System (CIS)

Consumer Information services help people and companies make decisions at critical junctures in life: for home and car purchases, for university tuition expenses, or for starting one’s own business. With this data, people can manage and monitor their finances, or apply for financial services. With the same information, companies can identify the most efficient market strategies, while lenders can disburse loans and related services in a responsible manner, protecting their businesses from the risk of fraud and missed payments.

Yet the variety and quantity of information available to support credit decisions often slows down and complicates the process.

Under the joint venture between Experian and Cerved, in place since August 2012, we have established the most powerful credit information system (CIS) in Italy. By connecting respective skills, Experian and Cerved Group have made a range of services available to the Italian financial industry that aim for primacy in terms of innovation, technology and advancement for risk management systems.

Prevent defaults and raise the quality of your portfolio

The Experian CIS is a complete database that enables companies to limit encounters with insolvencies and to increase business volumes by granting and/or increasing the amount of credit extended to those customers that can sustain additional financial commitments. Thanks to sophisticated scoring systems, you can gain both an overview of a customer’s current situation and indicators of projections for the future. The CIS helps banks and other financial institutions in all phases of onboarding, loan approval, monitoring and credit management, preventing potential insolvencies that may not be detectable based solely on the customer’s credit history. By employing a data-driven strategy, lending and related services become supported by concrete quantitative information, which streamlines operating processes and improves credit portfolio quality.

Experian and Cerved work side-by-side with companies to turn complexities into clarity. With our services, you will get a full panoramic view of your customers and their relationship with the financial world, thereby enhancing and boosting the value of the information you already possess.

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Gain a complete perspective on each customer and their relationship with the financial world

Limit encounters with insolvencies, thereby raising volumes and allowing more credit to be extended to the ‘right’ customers

Enable more responsible lending and related services, while at the same time streamlining operating processes

Improve portfolio quality by keeping an eye on both the current and projected future financial situation of each customer