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Risk Analytics

Evaluate your current and prospective customers’ behaviour over time?
Yes, you can. Discover the power of our advanced analytics.

With a little help from our algorithms, you can make your business decisions based on objective, measurable information. We share with you some of the most sophisticated analytical and predictive simulation tools around. Thanks to our data and algorithms, you can understand the financial dynamics and business trends of individual companies or entire economic sectors in better detail. In this way, you can weigh up the risks and the opportunities.

Our data science, serving your decision-making

In your business relations, you want to choose carefully with whom you expose yourself to risks, and you want to base your decisions on careful assessments. To do this, you need more than just the right information about current and prospective customers. For each type of risk, you need to be able to gauge economic, reputational, technological and regulatory scenarios. Our risk analytics service offers you the data, advanced analysis and scores that will improve your business results by optimising your costs and your customer management, minimising the risk of losses and maximising sales potential.

For decades, we have been developing advanced analytics models for all vertical analyses you can think of. Many years of experience, combined with Cerved’s vast data lake and tools, enable us to design the most suitable algorithms and set up custom projects one by one. Our teams of experts in statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data science all work together for you to calculate accurate scores based on solid, objective information such as income and balance sheet figures, sectors of business and payment patterns.

We base our process on a selection of variables that serve to pinpoint the specific set of criteria needed to solve your problems. We validate them by linking them together to monitor the status, by means of expected ROI simulations for each scorecard. This process ensures high-quality, rigorous results. You can evaluate whether a customer will be able to pay regularly, whether granting a loan might cause problems in the future, whether supplying a good or service matches the real needs of a customer, or whether legal action is the best way to maximise credit recovery value.



Exclusive data lake

We take advantage of Cerved’s rich, unique, distinctive and fast-growing wealth of information. With both official Chamber of Commerce figures and unofficial numbers, proprietary databases and open data about professionals, businesses and startups.



We are a beacon of reference for the Italian financial statements management system. In fact, we are the only Italian representative on the European Committee of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices (ECCBSO).


High-performing scoring systems

The best Gini indices on the market, ready to use to assess counterparty risk for loan acceptance, trend analysis, recovery, optimisation versus full potential, fraud detection and so forth.


Benchmarking and forward-looking tools

Our tools and scores allow you to estimate the future behaviour of the people and companies you intend to establish business relations with. Both now and in the future.


Custom models

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data science to develop advanced, highly functional algorithms. Our teams can even work with you to design custom scoring systems that best fit your business needs.

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