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Advanced Analytics Consulting

Get more insight out of your data with custom-built scoring. Our data science, at your service.

Enrich your data and make it more valuable to you by drawing exclusive insights from it. We provide supplemental data, data scientists, model designers and advanced technology to bring you custom, high-performing models and scoring systems. In this way, you will boost your capacity for business vision and strengthen your competitive advantage.

All the indicators you wanted. Developed with you, for you

In order to make good business decisions, first you need to gather all the pertinent information and then analyse it. You have to consider, for instance, records of which customers have always paid on time, which have shown lateness, cases of insolvency or, for insurers, significant numbers of claims.

Using the information available to you – both endogenous and exogenous – more effectively to gain business insight is something that requires in-depth research and well-applied mathematical and statistical techniques. To make your indicators more powerful and more predictive, we have built a customer service for you. Our expert data scientists will help you design data sets on all the organisations and individuals you are interested in analysing, in order to construct risk assessment models.

You will be able to choose the best algorithmic combination in order to develop very highly performing models. In 2019 alone, we built over a hundred custom advanced analytics and econometric models that utilise the most effective techniques, including regressions, Monte Carlo simulations, deep learning, random forest, decision-making trees, as well as many other artificial intelligence and machine learning based algorithms.


We propose a broad-ranging consulting approach that is applicable for many purposes, including:

  • Pre-Screening
  • Approval
  • Credit line estimates
  • Default estimates
  • Trends
  • DSO estimates
  • Forward-Looking scores
  • Debt collectability indicators
  • Debt recovery strategies
  • Full potential – customers
  • Fraud prevention indicators
  • Geo-potential scores
  • Customer retention
  • Text analysis
  • Backtesting and scoring validation
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Supply chain risk
  • Next best action
  • Econometric models
  • PSD2
Who we serve

Financial institutions


Large companies

Public sector

Companies & institutions with AML compliance obligations

Product advantages

Seize upon objective, useful, achievable business insights from your data.

Build or improve your processes through a data-driven approach.

Raise your business’s digitalisation to a superior level.


custom models designed every year


data scientists risk prediction


years of experience in forecasting models

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