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CEBI System

Screen the financial statements of all of your business relations. We’ve arranged them methodically and supplemented them with our analytics.

For every company, we give you access to all types of financial reports: those of individual companies, consolidated accounts, interim statements, drafts and tax returns. We supplement these reports with various types of analysis and comparison methods. In real time, every time, you will see the situation and evolution of each company’s financials. In this way, you will have an exclusive overview that will provide concrete data for your business decisions.


formats for analysis


models integrated into the CEBI-Score

1 Mln

financial statements available every year


updated financial statements of groups, companies, other institutions, partnerships and sole proprietors.


using your own reclassification criteria to check the reliability of your information.


the great value of our specialised financial scoring system for various branches of economic activity.

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We have organised a system for all company financial statement data


Financial figures and basic details on corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors and non-profit institutions constitute a critical component when assessing the future prospects of a business. In addition to helping you get a better picture of the organisations you do business with, these facts enable you to assess creditworthiness, which in turn lets you make more informed decisions.

CEBI system: the most popular banking and finance application

Our CEBI System (Computerised Data Processing System for Company Financial Statements) is a platform on which you can automatically receive, check, reclassify and analyse the financial figures contained in the accounts of each organisation you do business with. The system also enables you to apply various analytical formats depending on the sector of activity and type of financial statements. For each organisation, you will be able to obtain solvency indicators, financial vulnerability levels and risk margins in the short, medium and long term. This all comes with the guarantee that the information will always be adjusted to reflect changes in accounting standards on the back of legal and regulatory changes.

Recognised as the gold standard on the market, the CEBI System is the most widely used software application of its kind in the banking and financial industry. Our platform lets you acquire financial statements from Cerved’s archives and use tested, proven tools and high-performing analyses of financial risk factors. You will be able to handle any accounting situation in a specialised format, regardless of the legal form of business or sector of business in which the organisation operates. You can search for and view the data of all recognised organisations and can check the data for consistency at any time. Depending on your requirements, you can set automatic reclassifications of financial statements based on prearranged formats, and can manage specific accounts arranged according to the type of financial report. Plus, you can take advantage of the CEBI-Score to automatically receive a diagnosis of the financial risk profile of each organisation you do business with, which is a predictive measure of both current and future risk levels relative to the averages for the organisation’s sector of activity and geographic location.

Who we serve

Insurance companies

Banking credit analysts

Service centres

Other financial intermediaries

Bank of Italy


Product advantages

Data entry – Enter data effectively for numerous different financial statement formats, whether ordinary, abbreviated or IAS-based accounts, by Italian corporations or partnerships, foreign companies, non-profit organisations or tax returns.

Financial statements of all kinds – You can manage all types of financial statements through the ability to create aggregate figures and lists of companies with certain characteristics, which you can then use as benchmarks for comparisons between the company and its sector.

CeBi-Score4 – Immediately calculate the CEBI-Score4 for any financial statement contained in the system’s archives as well as on the tax returns of partnerships and sole proprietors.

Immediate analysis – Get an analytical, concise overview of the situation and of how a business is evolving financially.