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Financial Results Simulation System

The business plans of the companies you do business with don’t necessarily predict their future performances. Discover the reality with our predictive simulation.

Examine business plans presented by companies, supplementing your own assessments with financial forecast scenarios based on our sector forecasts and/or your forward-looking assumptions. Over different time horizons, you can look into the trends and the variables that are most sensitive to the assumptions, so as to measure the impact from a debt sustainability point of view.


expected future trends in the financial figures of any company.


income performances of all your counterparts.


the power of algorithms on a multi-year forecasting scale.

The full power of our financial simulations

Projections are a crucial aspect of analysing and evaluating a business. In an increasingly mutable market, showing interactively how a company’s industrial, commercial and financial policies could affect its future P&L and balance sheets facilitates a clear assessment of how sustainable business relations with that company will be over time. There are many convincing reasons to conduct this kind of analysis, such as the new IFRS 9, the new bankruptcy law, other new accounting principles and, more generally, the opportunity to maintain dialogue with counterparts.

SINTESI the platform with all the archives of financial statements contained in the Ce.Bi system

SINTESI is a platform that links to financial statements archives stored in the CeBi System. It enables simulations to be run on projected scenarios for the financial figures of any company, including startups. The data processing can be based on either sector forecasts provided by Cerved or your own projections or assumptions, which means that you can create numerous alternative scenarios (best-case, worst-case, stress scenarios and so forth) grounded in assumptions about key economic, operational and financial drivers. The platform has several different features including the ability to use sector forecasts to scale various scenarios over different time frames. As is the case for the CeBi System financial statements archives, a financial score is calculated for each year in the simulated scenario.

Our algorithm automatically creates baseline scenarios, fed by a series of established projected data, which can be modified. Following simulations of future net financial positions, for each year in the scenario time frame, analysts indicate ways of covering financial requirements or of using surplus funds. In addition to its usefulness as an excellent business plan evaluation tool, this platform takes on heightened importance following the imminent introduction of the new IFRS 9 accounting standard for forward-looking assessments in future credit risk estimates.

Who we serve


Financial companies

Medium and large companies



Auditing firms

Product advantages

Examines the business plans presented by companies from a broader perspective.

Simulates numerous different scenarios rapidly (e.g. Baseline, best and worst case) to give you a clear understanding of potential developments over time.

Verifies the impact of several different hypothetical scenarios from a debt sustainability point of view.

Conducts “what if?” Style analysis by duplicating pre-existing scenarios so as to preserve original conditions.

Provides reports that are consistent with those generated in the CeBi System, including the scores calculated based on simulated figures and alert index calculations


active customers


indicators for balance sheet forecasts


simulated corporate financial statements

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