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Scoring & Analytics

Every decision you make means taking risks. Our scores calculate all of them and measure their impact.

We provide you a series of indicators and predictive scores that allow you to manage a wide range of risks and assess the dependability of each commercial relationship you have. Our algorithms will also help you improve your decision-making and managerial capabilities.


models underlying the Cerved Group Score


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Italian banks use the Cerved Group Score

All the value and power of data science

In today’s data-driven economy, reliable statistical tools have become distinguishing factors for sustainable business development. In the world of credit risk, we have an immensely powerful data lake with very accurate time series, which our data scientists use to design extremely specialised scoring systems. You will gain access to scores that require in-depth design skills and experience to build. By applying our experience to predictive statistics, our scores benefit from expert interpretations of risk phenomena by our highly skilled analysts with extensive knowledge of methodologies. Thanks to our analysts’ work, you can manage a broad range of risks, and be able to pinpoint both real and potential risks.

Over 130 specialised models

We offer a suite of highly reliable predictive scores, whose predictive abilities are constantly monitored and fine-tuned through backtesting and updates.

CGS (Cerved Group Score) expresses the probability of a bank default by an individual or organisation, and it is composed of over 130 specialised models that analyse multiple related variables such as income dynamics, payment patterns, and trends in the value of real estate and other assets. The CGS is used by highly respected leading organisations such as the Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT), the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, and even the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

We have also developed statistical algorithms for credit line estimates and a whole series of value-added scores such as the collection score to measure the likelihood of successful debt collection actions, the payment trend score, the early warning score, the open banking (PSD2) based approval score and the geographical concentration risk score.

Who we serve

Financial institutions


Large companies

Public sector

Companies & institutions with AML compliance obligations

Product advantages

Enjoy reliable scores that are always up to date and ready to use.

Receive the very best of our data innovation and talents.

Discover the full value of predictive scores to support your business.

Improve your risk management decision-making capabilities.

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