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Real Estate

Managing and assessing your real estate assets can seem like a mission impossible. We’ve turned it into a comprehensive service.

We handle all the actions needed to verify and appraise properties pledged as collateral in loan portfolios. Our sources of knowledge join forces with expert surveyors for added value, ensuring thorough technical analysis and appraisals in order to optimise the process of obtaining value from each asset.


accredited professionals across Italy


managers who guarantee accurate analyses


full property surveys completed

€20 Bn+

total value of real estate assets appraised

The most complete chain of services in real estate

It is essential to get an accurate picture of real estate assets. For banks, an accurate appraisal of property pledged as collateral for loans disbursed reduces risk margins and opens up development opportunities for new lending. For businesses, knowing about the property assets of an organisation with whom they are in a business relationship can provide an understanding of whether these assets can be captured to recoup losses in the event of insolvency. We will help you manage and extract value from any type of real estate portfolio – whether connected with loan collateral or your own properties.

We have the pertinent information, along with the models, methods and specialist personnel who map out these assets and conduct reconnaissance on files in order to certify their existence, ownership and availability. We combine technology and strategy to guarantee extremely detailed appraisals, with the aim of getting the greatest possible value from your real estate portfolio or collateral portfolio. We cover the entire chain to support everything from accounting needs to business initiatives that require liquidity.

We are fast and efficient in identifying which real estate assets are free of constraints for the purpose of recovery or recapitalisation procedures. Our databases contain all the Italian cadastral and property register information, so that we can trace the history of every single property: this includes cadastral reports, registration documents, mortgage checks, restrictions and transaction histories. Our team of surveyors spread throughout the country work on the ground not only provide accurate appraisals: they carefully inspect the properties inside and outside to determine whether the conditions are consistent with cadastral information; they also oversee technical, environmental and facilities due diligence checks.

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Why choose us

We are a real estate facilitator

We ensure that you can extract value from real estate collateral by means of well-established and tested methods designed to evaluate these assets.

We put a team of expert real estate consultants at your side, who can identify new investment opportunities in the sector.

Why choose us

We have the right data, methods and people

We also help you assess new mortgage and real estate backed lending, providing indispensable tools for potential repossession.

We offer support for property acquisitions, with associated services to assist with managing these properties and with making property portfolios profitable.

Why choose us

Our experts are at your service

With a specific unit devoted to customer needs, consisting of a group of high-profile professionals with proven experience and a sound track record in the sector, we guarantee you a full service yet customised approach to analysing and obtaining maximum value from real estate assets, managing the entire chain of processes.

Why choose us

We convert complexities into many opportunities

You will be able to implement business plans and special finance operations, find new real estate investment opportunities, manage your customer portfolio based on current or potential collateral in relation to their property portfolios, or evaluate the prospects of disbursing new real estate backed loans.