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Alert Systems

Protect your business by stopping yourself from running into situations that become critical and too complex to handle. Promptly spot the signs of a business under strain with the right tools.

Adopt an organisational framework to detect when a company could be in a financial crisis. With informative systems and the right platforms, you can monitor cash flow management and set up a strategy for your company to regain stability on the income statement, balance sheet and in terms of cash flows.

We help you oversee the compliance of your business continuity

On 1st September2021, new regulations will take full effect that introduce the concept of early diagnosis to detect potential situations of companies in distress, with the aim of safeguarding them as going concerns.

By that date, your company will have to change. From an organisational, administrative and accounting standpoint, you will have to find a way to monitor business continuity using specific indicators so that potential signs of a crisis can be detected promptly.

Business owners, executives and accountants will have an obligation to monitor the health of their businesses, and in some cases will be required to report pre-crisis status to designated units.

For business owners and executives


With an all-in-one product, you will successfully preserve your business venture and everything that revolves around it. You will comfortably monitor the regulatory criteria, receiving forecast data and scores based on Cerved’s data lake that serve to analyse crisis indicators.

This service acts as an informative and procedural bridge between your business and the accounting and financial professionals and consultants who support your company; with this tool, the business solidity verification process becomes much easier.

For accountants and other professional studios


Through our web platform, you will comfortably manage your portfolio of customers. For each one, you will be guided when it comes to filling in data and surveys, taking full advantage of our financial data on the businesses you are monitoring. You will be supported at all times by a network of consultants and professionals who will assist you in bringing your professional practice up to speed, through training courses, reviews and audits.

What about you — are you ready for the new business crisis regulations?

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The platform in a nutshell:

Verify balances on the Bankit risk centre

Calculate financial indicators established by the CNDCEC (Italy’s Council of certified accountants)

Calculate cash flows and debt service coverage ratios

Verify risks in key customers and suppliers

Verify debts owed to public sector creditors

Verify risks to business continuity (going concern)