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Anomaly Detection

Intercept fraud threats.
With us, it’s easier and it’s assured.

At your side to identify and intercept cases of potential fraud risk, via a scoring system that incorporates counterpart creditworthiness information.

One score for complete protection

The scourge of fraud has been rising steadily and has become one of the risk factors that most heavily impacts companies.

We can help you prevent these dangers in the onboarding or due diligence phase, in a fast, simple, secure/assured way. We do this by offering you our suite of scores, which draws from Cerved’s vast wealth of data to carry out timely verifications and relationship checks, to then give you an immediate numerical assessment of your counterpart.

The overall score is calculated from an evaluation of underlying alerts, which, beginning with the organisation or individual’s tax ID number, scan and analyse numerous areas such as operational matters, financial statements, company representatives, and declared sector of economic activity.

You can rely on our fast, automated service that gives you a broader perspective on your customers, speeds up due diligence, identifies anomalies and enables you to build more secure business relations by picking up any signs of danger right from the start.

Service Advantages

Speed: get an automatic, immediate assessment and speed up the counterpart due diligence process.

Precision: the score gives you immediate evidence of high-risk positions that require further investigation.

Completeness: you get a comprehensive reading of warning signals detected across the various fields examined.

Flexibility: you can either use the standard version or customise the scoring model for special projects.

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