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We’re contributors towards a more transparent economic system. We’re not doing it alone

In the interest of cooperation and mutual support, we have become actively and strategically involved with many major Italian and international NGOs, government bodies, industry associations and other institutions.

We work with:

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

For its reports on the economic and financial well-being of SMEs, the OECD uses our data on insolvency proceedings and on days payables/receivables outstanding.


European Committee of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices (ECCBSO)

As a founding member, we represent Italy along with the Bank of Italy in ECCSBO, which was formed in 1987 for the purpose of implementing financial analysis tools, especially statistical analysis of financial statement databases and creditworthiness assessments.




The Italian Banking Association (ABI)

ABI uses our data and analyses on insolvency proceedings and on days payables/receivables outstanding.


Banca d’Italia

The Bank of Italy uses our data for its own analyses on the Italian economic fabric, and uses our credit scores to help differentiate between more and less solid businesses.


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The IMF has chosen us as a consulting partner for its country surveillance and as a preferred observer of Italian SMEs.

We participate in numerous working groups as active members of:


The Italian lnvestor Relations Association



Established in 1971, Ancic is an association of companies whose business involves collecting, processing, analysing and evaluating economic, financial, credit, industrial production, entrepreneurial and professional data relating to corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors and individuals.



An association formed in 1991 to bring together the major Italian market research, opinion polling and social research firms who are committed to observing its professional code of ethics and quality standards.



Regional association of businesses that operate in the provinces of Milan, Lodi and Monza-Brianza.



The Association of Italian corporations



Big Data Value Association



Business lnformation lndustry Association



The Italian confederation of businesses and self-employed professionals



The Federation of Italian Manufacturers


DAMA Italy

The Italian sector of International Data Management Association



The Italian Business Economists’ Group



The National Union of Credit Protection Businesses