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For over 40 years, we’ve helped the business world build for both today and tomorrow

Our data and our people provide businesses, financial institutions, insurers and public bodies with the right information to guide their decision-making.

We’re constantly improving and growing. Our customers improve and grow with us

Cerved  was founded in 1973 as an information technology company to handle, process and distribute Chamber of Commerce data kept in the Region of Veneto’s official business register. Over time, we have added vast amounts of information to our database, which we continue to enrich and fine-tune.

Over these 40+ years, we have also undertaken a strategic mergers and acquisitions strategy, incorporating numerous institutions in our sector such as Centrale dei Bilanci, Lince, Databank, Finservice, Honyvem, Consit and Recus.

We also fully own Cerved Rating Agency, an EU-certified rating agency that assesses the creditworthiness of non-financial companies.

We are the Italian market leaders in big data management and in business information.

Since 2014 the Group has been listed on the Italian stock exchange through its parent holding company Cerved Information Solutions SpA, when it became one of only a few true ‘public companies’ on the Italian market, with free float accounting for the entire share capital.

New resources and new energy brought into the group in 2018 have led to fresh growth and enabled us to further enhance and diversify our Sales & Marketing services: we signed commercial agreements with or acquired some of the leading Italian web marketing businesses. We are now majority owners of both SpazioDati and Pro Web Consulting, and have also acquired and integrated a division of BauciWeb.

In 2019, through the acquisition of MBS Consulting, we strengthened our position in strategy consulting and enhanced analytics services, creating the first solution consulting group in Italy.

In 2020, thanks to the acquisition of Integrate Srl, we have now entered the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market, so as to complement our creditworthiness assessment and ratings services with assessments on the sustainability of companies (businesses, financial institutions and insurance companies) and their financial instruments.

In September 2021, Cerved Group SpA joined the ION Group, one of the largest multinational fintech companies, following its successful takeover offer on Cerved’s shares.

We’re now a solid yet extremely dynamic company, making the most of data to serve our customers, who are always at the heart of our choices.

Our history


Cerved founded


Cerved is spun off from the Italian Chambers of Commerce


Bain Capital and Clessidra acquire Cerved and merge it with Lince


Bain Capital and Clessidra merge together Centrale dei Bilanci, Cerved, Lince, Pitagora, Databank, Finservice and Consit


CVC Capital Partners acquires Cerved


Cerved floats on the main market of the Italian Stock Exchange


The group becomes a public company


Acquisition of digitai advertising campaign specialist Click Adv (PayClick)


Cerved acquires Banca MPS's non-performing loan platform


Acquisitions of Power Consulting, SpazioDati and Bauciweb


Acquisition of business consulting leader MBS


Acquisition of Integrate, a startup specializing in ESG and acquisition of Hawk, a specialized group in AML solutions


Cerved joined the ION Group, following its successful takeover offer on Cerved’s shares