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We are a leader in integrated Risk, Sales and Marketing Intelligence, Credit Management products and services. With Cerved Rating Agency we specialize in assessing the creditworthiness of non-financial companies and are registered as a European Rating Agency.

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Why Cerved

We are experiencing a phase of great transformation that stems from radical innovation: our goal is to anticipate what our customers’ permanent needs will be in 10 years and work today to design a suite of products capable of meeting long-term needs.

We believe that to achieve a product or solution of excellence, it is important to work with an integrated perspective: we create cross-functional project teams to have all the necessary expertise working together (from product development to staff functions).

Do you want to be part of this adventure?

We are looking for proactive people with an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and a firm belief in our intrinsic values: innovation, collaboration, and respect.

What We Offer

We believe that every person should feel supported in daring to take risks while also having the courage to do so!

Ours is an extremely creative, flexible work environment that offers ongoing challenges and opportunities to explore.

With advanced tools, we help people design their individual growth paths starting from the skills they have and those they want to develop.

Internal job rotation, personalized development plans, a training library based on professional family, opportunities to participate in project assignments, and mentorship programs are some of the opportunities we offer to cultivate the talent and growth of those who choose to work with us.

Our Strength: Our People

We firmly believe that ideas have no hierarchy, and we create environments where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions.

Every month, through Cerved Voice initiative, we launch pulse surveys to measure the perception of all our people regarding Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Health & Well-being, Transformation, and Change. We share the results with the teams, directly involving employees in the development of cross-functional action plans.

Every day, we commit to making Cerved a more inclusive place where everyone can feel free to be themselves.

We do this through the daily behaviors outlined in our Inclusive Language Manifesto, which embraces the 8 pillars that guide our way of being and working at Cerved.

Selection Process

For Cerved, the attraction and selection process are of crucial importance in bringing on board the best talents who, with their professional skills and personal attitude, add value to the business and are the main drivers of the Group success and growth.

Embarking on a selection journey with us means starting a path of mutual understanding. Each interaction is an opportunity to convey the values that distinguish us and to create a positive environment that allows everyone to express themselves at their best.

Our goal is to provide a valuable candidate experience, accompanying individuals through every step of the process, from the initial contact to the offer phase or feedback provision.

Learn More About the Selection Process

Internship Opportunities

We welcome young candidates who are eager to express their potential and refine their skills. Thanks to colleagues ready to share their experience, those who embark on an internship at Cerved begin a solid training path in an environment where they can actively participate in projects and express new ideas.

The selection process involves a day of Assessment or Hackathon, where candidates have the opportunity to engage in group dynamics aimed at highlighting their relational and reasoning abilities. On the same day, there will be an individual interview to delve into the candidate’s background and motivation.

All participants receive constructive feedback, regardless of the outcome of selection process.

Experienced Profiles

At Cerved, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit drive the Group growth. Therefore, curiosity, enthusiasm, and a willingness to share new ideas are qualities we seek in the people we hire, in order to build a data-driven future together.

Candidates potentially aligned with the role’s characteristics are invited to undergo one or more introductory and technical interviews with HR representatives and Line Managers.

During these meetings, it is essential for us to delve into the cultural fit of the individual within the reference context, to ensure that everyone’s attitudes can be maximized and that each person we hire can make a difference for the business.


Those who start working with us find a welcoming atmosphere and have the opportunity to participate in an onboarding process designed to support them in the initial months and help them expand their network and understanding of Cerved’s culture.