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We put all kinds of data at your fingertips. Even data you didn’t know you wanted.

We collate official Chamber of Commerce data, unofficial data, open data, web and social media data, as well as exclusive information obtained from our business partners and customers, and share it with you in a click.

The biggest data ecosystem in Italy

Our repository of information is truly unique and distinctive, and we continually enhance it with new information and new analytical tools, in order to guarantee that we can provide the most exclusive services.

Our products and platforms are designed to capture all the different kinds of information that could help you run your operations dynamically and make business decisions from the most well-informed position possible.

We scan and identify all the information needed to paint a clear picture of all the risks and all the market opportunities.

Our expert consultants and specialists work perceptively and passionately to support your business, lending a hand so that you can broaden your knowledge and vision.

With our data and analyses, you will have a solid, durable foundation for decision-making criteria. We choose the latest technology to handle, process and illustrate data. We use artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and semantic search engines to transform the data into valuable solutions and to give you precisely the information you are looking for, in an immediately usable, simple, intuitive format.

We have made programming an art, so that all its complexity is hidden from view, so that the way you access our data and platforms is as easy as possible. Thanks to our apps, the information you need is always ready to use and does not require extra steps to be integrated with your company’s own IT systems.

Why choose us


We’re always on the lookout for better data and invest to constantly update and expand our database. We never grow tired of researching, observing or improving. We support startups and fintech companies to incorporate more and more new knowledge and experience.



We don’t just respond to our clients’ needs – we carefully choose the best way to do it.
We offer cutting-edge, intuitive, user-friendly solutions and have the most advanced in-house technology to manage, process and illustrate data, as well as to transform that data into value-added solutions.



We’re people who are enthusiastic about what we do. We bring together our in-depth experience in the sector, our complete professionalism, and our unique skills and abilities in the data-driven world in our endeavours to help our clients reach their goals, without ever holding back.



We’re committed to never leaving our clients out on their own. With a widespread network of attentive professionals, we actively listen to our clients’ needs and are available to resolve any post-sales issues. We’re always ready to give concrete answers. We do everything possible for our clients to know they can count on us.