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E-commerce Services

Acheive your targets and get traffic to your online shop booming. With us, you’ll increase sales, registrations and leads.

We apply conversion rate optimisation strategies using both quantitative and qualitative methods to study target users and make sure your e-commerce site is both easy to use and persuasive. You’ll work on closing funnels and you’ll improve efficiency in terms of all sources of traffic, thereby reaching a diverse target audience, whether B2C or B2B, for a site that performs extremely well.

We power up online strategies to transform visitors into customers

We’ll design a conversion rate optimisation strategy poised to make your e-commerce site evolve and grow, combining a rigorous scientific method with digital marketing techniques. Our e-commerce services will provide you with vertical market support for both B2C and B2B environments, including professionals, SMEs and large businesses.

Our approach is data-driven. We identify and rectify problems discouraging users from completing certain actions on your online shops and make the data more traceable. We study your visitors’ behaviour using quantitative methods with several distinct KPIs including mouse tracking, stickiness rate, open rate, subscription rate and conversion rate. To make our site more attractive and engaging, we also perform qualitative research such as surveys and user tests, combining service design and design thinking approaches and making broad use of A/B tests to determine the impact of each activity on performances.

Once the methods and interaction times are set, we refine your online shop and bring our digital marketing team onto the scene, including SEO, SEA and CRO specialists. Our in-house team develops landing pages and DEMs that are optimised to maximise conversions and ensure that your digital assets will be state-of-the-art. Your brand awareness will increase, as will visits from target users, thus boosting lead generation activity.


Make your e-commerce into a well-oiled machine to engage both business customers and consumers

Analyse all KPIs that will help bring your strengths and weaknesses into focus

Measure and determine the impact of each activity on performances

Understand visitors’ behaviour to improve purchase opportunities

Multiply the value of your marketing budget and make all your sources of traffic more efficient

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