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Amazon Marketing

You don’t want to just be on amazon. You want to be noticed on Amazon. We know how to give you optimal presence, improve your customers’ experience and boost your conversion rate on the big marketplace.

We’ll make you more visible on Amazon, on an international scale. First, we share business intelligence and analytics solutions with you, so that you can research and understand your market’s competitive scenario. We then support you in developing content and in planning strategies associated with advertising on Amazon.

We’ll boost your online sales, raising your positioning on all marketplaces

When it comes to online sales volumes, the role of major marketplaces is undisputed. There are currently over 220 such online platforms, including 39 in Germany, 24 in France and 14 in Italy. Having a sales channel on Amazon is more valuable than ever before, but nothing should be left to chance. There are in fact numerous technicalities involved and best commercial and marketing practices to follow appropriately in order to obtain the best results.

We have been gaining direct experience on Amazon for over 15 years. We have attended the company-s webinars and sales channel training workshops, and have over time refined our analytical methods to set up the best strategies. Our Amazon Academy guarantees you a complete vision of performance on Amazon, enabling you to compare your performances with competitors and improve them.

Our team of specialists provides detailed information about every level in the sales funnel, from search trends and organic search results positioning to share of sponsored voice and even managing all the factors affecting conversion rates.

4 areas about service

Amazon Full Service

We support companies in integrating, creating and optimising content for e-commerce, as part of an international expansion strategy.

Amazon Adv Management

We manage ad and promotional campaigns on Amazon, even taking care of producing the content.

Witailer Tecnology

Using BI and advanced analytics, we help brands grow on Amazon and other key marketplaces, taking a complete perspective that is always up-to-date with performances.

Marketplace Strategy

We work with Italian and foreign brands to beef up their business globally on the marketplaces that are most suitable for their products.

We’ll maximise your online sales and ROI

Whatever your needs area, you can kick-start your online business effectively and efficiently on Amazon with us, gaining greater control over your brand image and direct sales through online marketplaces. In addition to maximising online sales and ROI, we are also the right partners for agencies looking to integrate Amazon with other marketplaces in their solutions.


Keep control over your performances on Amazon

Monitor prices of various e-retailers

Don’t lose sight of reviews and get detailed insight

Analyse market shares to be more proactive

Boost sales volumes and improve your brand awareness

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Case studies

E-commerce client

By means of monthly market share estimates compared to competitors on Amazon pages, we identified the percentage of this client’s sales generated by other sellers. To this end, we created an Amazon advertising campaign based on 25 categories to cover with over 350 products. This action led to 110% sales growth over several years with year-to-year ROAS rising from 85% to 295%.

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