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Brand Awareness

Do you want your customers to recognise your brand and your product range right away? We’ll make sure you’re the first thing they think of.

We’ll help you maximise your brand visibility. We can amplify awareness of your brand among target customers, enhancing their memory of it and connections with your specific products or services. With our skills and network, we’ll strengthen your positioning and encourage greater recognition for your business on vertical portals.

90 Mln

e-mails sent per month

4 Mln

interactions per month


leads gathered per month

Build a better brand image and enhance awareness and familiarity

Working on your brand awareness requires putting a long-term strategy in place that seeks to increase both knowledge and positioning of your brand or your product and service range. Brand reputation is built through a series of steps to make your logo immediately recognisable and a clear indicator of business success. This strategy is important both when introducing a new brand and when promoting a particular product at a given time of year. The goal is to get noticed in the right way, by the right audience.



Our Brand Awareness strategy hinges on two levels of services. First, you will strengthen knowledge of your brand compared to competing brands in your sector. Second, you will become more able to inform your desired audience about the plusses of your range and about new items. Through our network of databases and websites, we have built up continuous exclusive partnerships that will give you access to relevant portals to get your brand acknowledged by the right target audience, or through networks of sites used for display/native activities.

You can count on a team of our experts who, depending on which sector of business you’re in, will perform analysis with you to set up a campaign and pinpoint the target audience for the products you wish to promote. In this way, you can develop a precisely targeted communications campaign, which will bring you higher conversion rates.

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What they’re saying about us

We needed to raise our brand awareness among construction industry sites. Thanks to the brand awareness strategy recommended by Cerved Marketing Intelligence, we increased both traffic and impressions within two months. 
In September, the company registered 206,276 impressions and 1,214 clicks, for a click-through rate of 0.59%. In November, over 300,000 impressions were generated, along with 998 clicks, for a click-through rate of 0.33%. 

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Increase awareness of your brand

Make your logo and product range immediately visible

Improve the recognition that people have of your business

Work only with your target audience of customers and prospects

Increase both customer loyalty and performances

What they’re saying about us

In 2018, we needed to make our professional master’s degree courses more visible. The senior administrators wanted to focus on a precise target audience: businesses and people over 30 corresponding to a target profile. The Cerved Growth team launched a cross-channel strategy combined with an e-mail marketing campaign where over 500,000 e-mails were sent per month. This helped the institution achieve its brand awareness, recall and recognition targets; Bocconi has renewed with us these activities to date in light of the positive results achieved.