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Lead Generation

Enrich your database with profiled contacts. With us, you’ll only get the most qualified leads who actually want to be contacted.

Thanks to our skills, channels and strategies, we can pinpoint the audience that is most interested in your products and services. In this way you’ll be able to enrich your database with ‘hot’ new contacts that are within your target profile for you to work with, which will increase the likelihood of a sale.

We run lead generation campaigns that will shorten your sales pipelines

Lead generation is a strategic activity. It enables you to capture users that are truly interested in a particular product or service line, and as such represent a set of potential customers. It is a tool that enables prospective customers interested in a product or service to be found quickly. Gathering leads is crucial because it enables you to build bonds with customers over time, so as to encourage them to choose, both now and in the future, a particular product or service.

Our Lead Generation services grant you access to a digital channel mix that optimises your performances. With our assets, we guarantee depth in the data gathered, offering the opportunity to enrich this with further information we have available, such as VAT ID numbers and financial scores. In addition to digital media, we also have a call centre that can get hold of your customers and verify their intentions – now, in the medium term and in the long term.

With our data, our analyses and our technical skills, we profile users for optimal lead qualification. You’ll be able to gather all the data you need to build a detailed profile of potential customers, which you can use both immediately and over the long term for promotional campaigns. Thanks to our support, you’ll be able to identify each potential customer and accompany them on a path to conversion, concluding in a purchase.

Who we serve




Insurance companies


Enrich your database with hot, profiled, qualified contacts

Raise your sales success percentages, thus shortening your pipeline

Enhance your understanding of your prospects and leads

Increase conversion rates of prospects into actual customers


leads per month on various vertical paths

4+ Mln

users interact with our campaigns

15+ Mln

unique email contacts


leads generated per month

90 Mln

e-mails sent/month

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