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E-commerce SEO

Give your e-commerce site a boost. We will help you see fuller online shopping carts by triangulating SEO, CRO and UX.

We will get your site set in such a way that internet users who type in a purchase-oriented query will, finding your products at the top of the results page, choose to buy from your online shop and feel so good about the experience that they will come back again and again.


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average improvement in organic traffic

We improve the logic behind how your e-commerce site works to ensure the highest possible visibility online

To position an e-commerce site, there are many factors to consider, not just search engine optimisation. You need to think about how your product descriptions or info sheets should look, and how your site navigation flows to maximise conversion from visits to sales. We know how to make your e-commerce initiatives really take off, by enhancing your positioning to boost sales.

We can design the layout of your site, studying navigation dynamics so that it will function without friction as an effective online store. We write copy for your site with a view to SEO, identifying filters and categories that will increase your authoritativeness and encourage consumers to choose your products at the same time. In fact, a well-written and informative product  info sheet that contains all the essential keywords will ensure good positioning and visibility online.

To hit your conversion targets, we connect CRO and user experience services to these SEO activities, to ensure that your customers will get a relevant, significant, pleasant experience. We will help you optimise the customer’s experience of moving from putting items in the cart to proceeding with the order, streamlining the registration phase if needed and integrating secure payment methods.

Who we serve



E-commerce and online retailers

B2B market

B2C market


Optimise your e-commerce site’s positioning on search engines with a precise strategy

Identify the best keywords (both branded and unbranded) to ensure effectiveness

Strengthen your authoritativeness online to bring you higher up on search results lists

Boost your organic traffic and bring visitors to your e-commerce site

Increase conversion rates and, consequently, sales

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