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Marketplace SEO

Beef up your e-commerce. With us, you can expand your pool of visitors and increase sales.

We make you more visible and improve your positioning on all search engines, maximising your profile, your traffic, your conversion rates and your revenue.

Get the most out of your sales strategies on any type of marketplace

To sell online, you have to juggle so many different factors linked to indexing, in addition to taking care of your e-store’s brand reputation.

You need to take into account both search engine principles and the browsing behaviour of people all over the world.

One key fact is that half of online shoppers currently use mainly Amazon to search for products. Doing SEO for marketplaces like Amazon means understanding the differences between the various platforms and algorithms, how they work differently from other search engines and what the ranking factors are, so that you can implement more effective strategies.

Thanks to our research and constant monitoring of changes in algorithms used by each type of marketplace, we will design the best strategy for you. We know the logic behind search engine results pages (SERPs) composed of galleries, product lists and reviews; these are just as essential as sales rankings. You can count on us to optimise all of these factors for you to maximise your e-commerce positioning – for improvements in relevance, CTR, conversion rate, revenue, and gross margin per search.

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E-commerce and online retailers

B2B market

B2C market


Optimise your positioning on marketplaces like Amazon

Identify the best keywords to ensure that your content is fully optimised and searchable

Strengthen your authoritativeness with a good Conversion Rate and positive reviews

Increase the conversion rate from Amazon

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