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Digital Advertising

Combine display advertising and search adevertising to get noticed. We’ll promote your products and services, reaching your target customers faster and more efficiently.

We provide a service that enables your business to immediately, simultaneously reach a broad target audience for a moderate expense yet obtaining measurable results. You’ll be able to choose the channel, the audience you’re pitching to for sponsorships, and can monitor the results on a daily basis in order to fine-tune actions as needed.

Run cross-channel, cross-objective campaigns with support from a dedicated team

Digital Advertising encompasses any advertising via digital communications tools to promote a product or service online. Digital advertising may be composed of a dual approach as follows:

  • display advertising: advertisements on portals, news sites, social networks, blogs or e-shopping sites
  • search advertising: ads and sponsorships on search engines

In our Digital Advertising service, we create integrated, interactive communication for you that will help you expand your customer base and increase customer loyalty. We guarantee that messages and formats will be planned specifically to be highly functional and efficient.


You’ll be accompanied by a dedicated team who will design customised messages for your business based on an analysis of the purchasing preferences and online behaviour patterns of your typical target users, with a diversified approach between Google pathways and social network pathways.

You’ll be able to monitor each advertising initiative continuously and, through precise indicators, make changes where necessary to make the campaign as efficient as possible. You’ll gain greater visibility and brand recognition. You’ll increase traffic to your web property. And you’ll be able to use online routes to your advantage to increase your sales.

Who we serve




Insurance companies


Increase your visibility and get found by your customers before competitors do

Position your advertisements on the media outlets that will be most effective for your business

Monitor each sponsorship continuously and undertake proactive actions

Boost your traffic and conversions with attractive, strategic communication

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