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Social Advertising

Use social networks to expand your customer base. Our strategies enhance lead generation and brand awareness, increasing traffic on your web property.

We have analysis and profiling systems that are capable of attracting your ideal audience on social networks and communities. We plan sponsorship campaigns end-to-end. You won’t need to worry about a thing, as we will take care of the entire process. We select the appropriate channels, formats and times to launch targeted campaigns to attract customers that are truly interested in what you have to offer them. You will receive update reports and will be able to monitor trends and conversions.

With us, you can reach a diverse and extremely high-performing target audience

Many people spend several hours a day on social networks, so it is crucial to capture their interest on these platforms. Both consumers and potential business customers surf through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, with one thing in common: while doing so, they are inclined to inform themselves about products and services that interested them. With our Social Advertising service, we provide you with a turnkey package that runs from consumer profiling to identifying the right channels and planning strategic campaigns. We analysis historical behaviour, and pinpoint only those potential customers that have interacted with and shown interest in campaigns in the same sector and thus related to your offering.

Whether you’re looking most of all for subscriptions, registrations, sales or traffic, we combine our data science with great creativity. We can create banners, buttons, skins and pop-ups for your business. Every project of yours will be accompanied by expert personnel: analysts, marketing specialists, graphic designers, UX designers and content specialists. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated planner, who will plot out the perfect marketing mix and share the results with you, ensuring continuous monitoring of trends during the campaign so as to fine-tune it. All this comes under a performance-based payment plan, so that you know you will only be investing in guaranteed results.

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Choose social advertising to boost awareness of your brand

Design strategic campaigns on all the major social networks

Get found by customers and generate more leads

Generate higher traffic within your target for your website

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