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Social Selling

Social selling on Linkedin works wonders. We’ll build a trusted target audience network with you!

We work strategically on the LinkedIn platform, generating new business opportunities for you. We work on the company’s brand reputation and on generating new one-to-one conversations, with the aim of producing new leads and creating new networks of trusted targets. We take care of everything: we analyse the target audience, product content that is most relevant to them, and manage the company brand pages and professional pages.


coverage of the established target audience


new connections within the target per month


increase in new connections

We’ll revolutionise your positioning to bring you major new business opportunities

Linkedin and social selling have become an indispensable pair for companies and professionals who conduct B2B operations. These tools help businesses achieve growth targets more quickly and efficiently. Our social selling service will enable you to identify the right prospective customers, drawing from your social network to build relationships of trust as well as to achieve your sales targets.

We provide you with complete support as far as LinkedIn use is concerned.

We have a team of specialists in creating and managing corporate and professional pages on the platform. We follow a precise funnel for profiling, connection, conversations and lead generation, diversifying the sources of new commercial contacts to guarantee you concrete results and a constant presence. Also, given that the real engine of social media is engagement from all corporate personnel, we provide training courses devoted to using the Sales Navigator and  sales acceleration for all of your company’s teams.

Who we serve



Self-employed professionals

B2B market

B2C market


Discover all the advantages of a social selling strategy guided by data and oriented towards getting the most out of your business relations

Get value out of Linkedin for your company brand pages and professional pages to build up your reputation and visibility

Outsource the complexities of the process by entrusting us with managing and producing the most pertinent target continent

Generate new one-to-one conversations and create a new trusted target network

Strengthen your visibility and your positioning quickly, to reach your B2B goals


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