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Web Analytics

Evaluate your online performances and marketing strategies. Discover the value of web analytics with us.

Behind the scenes of your web property lies a whole world of data that can explain users’ behaviour, measure your performances and evaluate your results. We’ll teach you how to observe and interpret this data using the very best web analytics. You’ll get all the insight you need to find out how to monitor your business and sales campaigns in order to get the best possible results.

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Build your strategy based on data

The digital world is constantly evolving. In fact, your web property is part of an extremely complex and dynamic web ecosystem. On one side are all the online consumers and the connections between them. On the other side is you and your marketing activities. In this context, web analysis provides important support for managing a digital transformation. If used wisely, with precise, measurable key performance indicators, you will get the right qualitative and quantitative information to effectively track your online positioning, day after day.

We’ll help you use web analytics wisely, to get the right set-up. You’ll be able to understand the behaviour patterns of users that visit your landing pages and other parts of your website, how they use your apps, see your display campaigns, use your e-commerce platforms, read your newsletters and click on your DEMs. We kick off by conducting in-depth analysis of your customers and your business in order to determine the most suitable indicators, and then set clear, concrete goals.

We use Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to ensure the highest levels of customisation and integration, but can also work with any other type of platform. Thanks to accurate reports tailored to your needs, you will get all the details you need to effectively evaluate your online business strategies in order to hit all of your targets.


Discover the value of web analytics to measure your performances

Choose a data-driven strategy to optimise digital marketing activities

Define your KPIs to precisely measure your performances and the outcomes of individual actions

Transform raw data into actionable insight, with accurate, reliable custom reports

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