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Data Providing

We help you identify the data that is most relevant for your business growth, using the best methodologies to analyse them, illustrate them and share them with you.

We understand your needs and outline the right up-to-date and monitored data and information for you. You’ll be able to learn more about companies, sectors and markets.

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indicators and marketing scores

Enrich your data with a unique set of information

We have a vast, exclusive, dynamic data ecosystem. We combine official and unofficial sources enriched with news articles, in-depth studies, research and analysis about public and private companies, startups, as well as institutions and associations of all kinds. We successfully pinpoint what data you really need and customise visualisation of the information to weed out the complexities and the background noise.


We use the most innovative technology, analytical models and advanced semantics, including scoring systems enhanced by AI and machine learning. We are experts in data visualisation and data quality. Our services and talents will enable you to enrich your own data with a unique set of detailed, accurate information that can help you identify potential targets for business development. An in-house analyst will support you to outline the scope of inquiry that best suits your business, studying your requirements to maximise your growth outcomes.

What we’ll do for you


We listen to you and analyse your needs, providing a personalised proposal based on advanced visualisation methods


We help you understand the facets of your customer portfolio better, so that you can recognise which customers are associated with the highest potential for your business


We identify the most attractive prospective customers and partners, facilitating an increase in business volumes

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