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Internationalisation Projects

Know foreign markets like the back of your hand. We’ll help you expand your business by giving you the right information at the right time.

You can learn who the most appealing customers and suppliers are, find out more about your competitors and recognise the best opportunities to draw a roadmap for solid, sustainable growth abroad. We provide a tactical, strategic approach and guarantee comprehensive analysis of the context: the markets, sectors and subsectors, countries and even making contact with the prospects identified.


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Expand your business across borders

If you want to gain a foothold in foreign markets, you need to learn about the competitive scenario and the market trends in as much detail as possible. We have all the information you need to do just that. Our proprietary methodology and extensive expertise in analysing markets and sectors will have you develop your business with the right data at the right time.

We listen to all of your needs and ascertain the distinguishing traits of your business. We analyse the full context, covering all geographical areas and business sectors to reach the stage where we can directly contact the partners and customers with the highest potential business value, and support your internationalisation process from start to finish.

We highlight which sectors and companies are the best matches for you to conduct fast, effective sales pitches. We work with you and guarantee careful profiling of prospective customers, whose qualities we can verify via direct contact. In this way, you will get all the information you need to carry out the most strategically sound moves towards expansion and growth.

Land your business abroad


Discover the foreign markets with the greatest potential value for your business

Identify companies to target for sales pitches within each reference market

Analyse current and projected strategies, along with the competitive scenario

Power up your business and make more robust decisions

Case Study - Luxury Design

A luxury furniture manufacturer resolved to embark on an expansion campaign. An analysis of import-export flows enabled this brand to pinpoint London as one of the most attractive geographical markets. Through in-depth interviews with architecture and interior design studios, Cerved’s analyst helped this client’s management learn the dynamics and the ins and outs of this market. Cerved then provided the client with 220 useful contact names (including company representatives, agents, design studios and contractors) with whom the client could find endorsements as a manufacturer of custom-built luxury wood furniture. This operation enabled the client to acquire 60 genuine names and contact details of potential customers within the client’s target profile, including qualitative and quantitative information about these prospects that proved useful for sales development activities.

“The outcome of the project accomplished by Cerved Marketing Intelligence was a complete success, so much so that we have already selected numerous London-based companies who are already informed about our products to get in touch with for a sales pitch, as well as companies we can contact via e-mail, companies we can make our sales pitch to, plus a long list of producers and distributors we can look into for potential sales agreements.”

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Case Study - Production

A manufacturer of paper for sanitary, domestic and professional purposes needed to find local tissue sector companies with a view to expanding into the USA. The management team worked with a Cerved analyst to study various US states and build a custom attractiveness score (based on the sector, macroeconomic variables and presence of other operators), which enabled the client to pinpoint six geographical areas with high potential business value. Of the four identified as the most appealing for commercial business, a list of 75 companies was generated, and these companies were surveyed by telephone to confirm whether they had the right characteristics for a potential partnership. The client company then received a list of ten potential partners, with informative factsheets for each one, along with the related contact details.

“With Cerved Marketing Intelligence,  for the first time ever we took a structured approach to find out, through market research and analysis, which country and which potential customers to contact directly.”

Case Study - Energy

A utility company that operates in electricity (including solar power) and natural gas sales also supplies smart metering support products. This company’s management turned to Cerved to position these products appropriately on foreign markets. The analyst began by analysing the features of each product that the client wished to market internationally. The second step was to analyse which foreign countries were the most attractive to these products, by taking several factors into account including energy consumption and rates, the relative concentration of energy-hungry companies, as well as the types of electricity distributors and importers active on the market. Of the countries found to be most attractive, the client chose the UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Germany. The analyst then identified a base of 500 suspected prospective customers, who were interviewed for an evaluation of their effective potential. In this way, the client received a list of 170 companies with contact information that fit its target profile.

“With Cerved Marketing Intelligence, we gained a better understanding of market segments and countries, and of customers’ specific features and needs, which significantly iproved our global export marketing abilities.”