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Projects for Targeting

Put the radar on your business targets and immediately pinpoint new customers. We’ll present them to you and help you select them.

We have a database that contains all the data you need about all your customers, current and prospective. We know how to find the ones that are most suitable for your business, which optimises your sales pitch phase and drives your conversion rate up. You will boost your sales network’s capabilities and optimise time-to-market, increasing brand awareness in the process.


conversion rate increase


acceleration of target identification process


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Allow us to present you your next new customer

We have a full ecosystem of data that includes all six million companies, business professionals and startups in Italy.

We know them so well that we know which ones will be right for you, and present them to you. We don’t stop at analysing data; we get out into the business world each and every day to conduct interviews with company representatives to obtain just the information you’re looking for. That’s how we validate, from up close and personal, what their business trends and growth prospects look like, to guarantee you information that is always up-to-date.


To make things easier for you, we’ve designed tailored solutions that will enable you, with support from our experts, to identify and profile prospective customers exactly as you wish. You’ll go home with the names that carry the highest potential value.


What’s more, once you’ve selected the prospects that best fit the target audience for your products, we’ll use our tested and proven innovative, data-driven strategies to help you establish the best way to catch them.

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Case Study - HO.RE.CA

A leading Italian collective catering company needed to enrich information about some companies already in its database. Starting from the information already possesses, the management team wanted to identify and contact companies with at least 1,000 employees, to offer internal catering and canteen services to those employees.

Thanks to Cerved’s targeting activities, this company purged its database of defunct businesses and built better profiles of each real prospective company, eliminating current customers as well. Using similarity analysis, about 800 potential targets were identified, 12% of which were subsequently deemed qualified prospects after being contacted by telephone for a survey. These actions brought in both qualitative and quantitative information that proved useful for sales pitches to these prospects. It also enabled the client company to find out in which provinces of the country its name was known least, as well as the correlation between brand awareness and the prospective customer’s willingness to be interviewed.

“It was the first time we had used a service of this kind. We didn’t think we could attain such a precisely targeted selection of companies with such specific information, scores and indicators that are relevant to our business. With all the profiling information, our salespeople were able to make pitches to these potential customers with more personalised and appealing speeches.”


Identify who your potential customers are

Select only the ones you find most appealing

Receive all the information you need about them

Conclude with follow-ups to hit your targets

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Insurance companies

Case Study - Manufacturing

An Italian company that specialises in manufacturing waterproofing material needed to build profiles of the most attractive end sectors and companies to which it could market its products. Cerved conducted a specific analysis to identify the companies that would provide the highest potential business value while presenting the lowest risk that may potentially be inclined to invest in roofing renovations. By analysing real estate registry data in conjunction with information on companies’ registered offices and headquarters, we identified which proprietary buildings were appealing for a business approach based on the number of rooms, resulting in a list of around 500 companies. For targeting activities, telephone contacts were made, after which 15% of those companies were considered qualified as target prospects; for these companies, additional information was gathered about the number of buildings the company owns, when they last renovated them , what their future building renovation plans were, and which companies they knew about in the sector. With this information to hand, the management team was able to conduct follow-up sales activities with a targeted approach to appeal to each individual company.

 “We teamed up well: Cerved sent us a list of the right companies in a timely manner, and we acted upon it quickly, with very satisfactory results in terms of proposals presented. We have raised awareness and made contacts to develop further over the medium term.”