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Credit Decisioning Systems

Our platforms are ready for your digital transformation.

We observe, comprehend and include new and emerging trends in our processes, to provide you tailored services. To help you make better informed, fact-based decisions every time.

Adopt only the best of the new trends in credit decisioning

The digital transformation is changing our economic system, leading us to profoundly rethink the processes and tools we use when we monitor credit risks, operational risks and strategic risks.

We have chosen to accompany you through these changes, doing what we do best: providing highly configurable and customisable credit decisioning systems, so that you can manage credit effectively and in step with these new digital trends.

Our platforms are available both as SaaS and on-premise software; you can use them to best effect in combination with our specialised professionals in order to optimise credit policy (link alle altra pagina consulting and performance) and with process designers (link a pagina progetti B2B). We join forces with you to help you tap into the emerging trends in credit decisioning, as well as in the entire credit to cash process. So that you can turn them into opportunities.

New Trends

Credit assessment algorithms that contain “automatic learning” techniques will include emerging trends from data and human decisions.

Open sources (both official and unofficial) will be integrated via formats and rules for various types of data generation and updates.

Integrating ecosystems and networks of suppliers and customers will enable the inclusion of portions of valuation processes that are currently used as standalone silos.

Customer risk analysis platforms will be tailored to the specific portfolios managed.

Large ERP systems will be put to the test by more flexible and secure cloud systems equipped with software that contains data useful for assessing and managing counterparts.

The use of omnichannel applications with a shift towards a navigation system where the information is contained in and consistent in each device, providing an excellent customer experience.

The amount of time required for low-skilled work will be optimised by automating tasks that are repetitive, implicitly deterministic and/or easily informed by statistics.

Decision-making systems will evolve into systems that also indicate the best next action. 

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