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Reg & Compliance

Reduce your operational risk. We help you identify fraud and money laundering risks in order to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements.

We help you identify signs of probable fraud, to oversee any insurgence of factors that could affect your company’s continuity, and to oversee anti-money laundering procedures in your various lines of business. Thanks to our services, you will be able to strengthen your knowledge of your customers, comply with anti-money laundering (AML) legislation, and arm yourself with the right tools stated in the business crisis law as well as access the related reward system.


active customers on end-to-end AML solutions


reports with beneficial owner verification


years of experience gained in the sector

Complete answers for all regulatory matters

Be sure of your compliance with money laundering prevention laws and with regulations on reporting a potential business crisis: this will help you avoid any fines and give you the peach of mind to let you concentrate on managing your business well.

To improve operating performances, one thing you need is a system to monitor potentially fraudulent actions within the life cycle of your relations with customers and prospects. This means you need access to a broad set of information and to advanced scoring and systems.

Through our Compliance & Internal Risk service, we share our knowledge and experience matured over more than a decade on the market. We have the data, technologies and analysis to guarantee you best-in-class AML solutions. We have a well-established method that enables you to activate all preventive actions needed to combat money or asset laundering. We cover the entire process of monitoring business continuity, as stipulated by law, extending it to outsourcing tasks, thus improving your business dynamics.

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Targeted tools and services

We precisely explore over 100 million relationships between economic actors through a firmly established method that reduces operating risk.

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Cerved Alert System Solution

We have designed and built a platform, both along with and for individual professionals and businesses.

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The most powerful Italian knowledge graph

We quickly connect the dots between all kinds of data, going beyons silos to create value, which we put at the service of fraud detection.

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Scientific Partner of CNC

We have been selected as scientific partner of the Italian National Accountants’ Board (CNC) to devise crisis indicators.

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A suite of solutions on money laundering

We cover the entire monitoring process required by law with scalable, flexible solutions that oversee more detailed processes.

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