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Performance Marketing

Digital advertising provides an opportunity. We know how to tap into it, increase all your online performances to give your campaigns guaranteed, measurable results.

We take a strategic approach to the full range of channels at our disposal. We’ll make the most of your investments and boost conversion rates. We work to give you exponential growth in subscriptions, registrations and e-commerce volumes so that you will achieve the targets you’ve set. You’ll optimise performances, increase traffic on your web property, increase your brand’s visibility and enrich your database, and can even measure your ROI in real time.

90 Mln

e-mails sent per month

4 Mln

interactions per month


leads gathered per month

Make the difference with an integrated performance marketing strategy

Performance marketing encompasses all the strategic devices geared towards hitting lead generation, traffic generation and brand awareness targets, so as to improve advertising campaign conversion rates. In addition to boosting returns on your advertising investments, performance marketing incorporates data, actions and technological tools that will enable you to track users’ actions within the advertising funnel, as well as to measure the results in real time. We collate our data with our partners’ data to enable exclusive direction  over digital and multichannel ad campaign plans in order to boost website traffic, build databases, increase user requests for information about products and services, boost online sales and improve brand visibility.


For each individual campaign that is launched, through any medium, a specific strategist will be tasked with planning day by day activities, with a guarantee that the agreed results will be achieved and constant advanced reporting delivered.We employ a digital channel mix, sharing an integrated strategy with you that brings together direct and SMS marketing, along with notification retargeting and push displays, plus programmed, native and social advertising initiatives. Thanks to our skills and technological resources, we guarantee a high profile of online visitors, enabling you to reach your specified targets without wasting your budget.



Know your financial returns in advance

We apply a remuneration model where only the guaranteed results are charged, and you will know the returns per click, lead or impression in advance. Depending on the channels used, the marketing objectives and your business requirements, the payment plan will be determined on a case by case basis and could be based on: cost per click (CPC); cost per lead (CPL); cost per action (CPA); cost per mille (CPM).


You will have immediate clarity on all ongoing digital marketing campaigns and will always be able to keep your advertising spending returns under control, measuring how financially sustainable they are. In this way, you’ll be able to achieve your sales, revenue growth and visibility targets as well.


Generate qualified sales contacts that want to be called back

Identify users in your target audience and bring them to your sites and landing pages

Broadcast your company, making your product and service range more visible and raising brand awareness

Use the most suitable online channels for your business and track actions taken by users in the advertising funnel

Increase online sales volumes and enhance your customer lifetime value

Hit revenue, sales growth and visibility targets with state-of-the-art prospecting

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