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Liquidating assets pledged as collateral for loans is a tough task

We know how to tackle it to maximise value as quickly as possible.

We appraise and manage both real estate and movable property pledged to you as collateral, ensuring full service. We analyse the investments, appraise them, identify the best strategies to repossess and sell property in order to obtain the highest possible value and bring you the anticipated cash.


portfolios managed

1,9 Mld €

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parcels analysed in 2019 alone

We can maximise the value of your real estate and movable property portfolios

Managing assets pledged as collateral in non-performing loans or leases is a process that requires specific skills, substantial time and resources, as well as a network of relations with investors and consultants that must be continuously cultivated and revitalised. We have the data, experience and tools to enable us to optimise and speed up this process, to bring you value from your property assets, whether movable (equipment, boats, automobiles), real estate (residential or commercial) or special goods.

We know markets and apply the best strategies to gain the greatest possible value for you

Thanks to a team devoted specifically to analysing, managing and investing such assets, we provide a complete service: from appraising to identifying high & best use to recovery/repossession and managing them as investments until they can be placed on the market and liquidated. Based on the types and clusters of assets, we pinpoint and implement the most appropriate exit strategies to maximise commercial value. We have the skills and resources to manage and monitor every phase of the process, verifying all the collateral pledged to ensure the highest cash value can be obtained at the end of the process, lifting the burden of those frozen assets off of your balance sheet.

We take care of the technical analysis and appraisal. We outline strategies to make the most of the investment and examine business plans to evaluate what actions are cost-effective. In this way, we protect you from excessive impairments and help you generate profits.

We know where and how to find the best opportunities on the market for your real estate and movable property assets. We oversee release and repossession processes as well as the subsequent marketing and liquidation phase, settling all the associated technical and administrative tasks along the way. We have a team of experts devoted to managing movable property to then promote and obtain value from them on appropriate markets in Italy and abroad. We will handle the process of placing the assets up for sale, including via auctions, and also manage mandates to sell, along with all the activities connected with managing real estate asset positions, including ReoCo and LeaseCo management. Our experts handle the real estate and cadastral regularisation issues, manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and all other aspects related to winding up disinvestment operations.

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Full-service approach

We analyse and appraise any kind of property portfolio to identify the most suitable opportunities.

Total coverage

We valuate, extract value from, manage, and/or handle the sale or buyback process for your assets, building a turnkey service package.

Network of professionals

We work with a carefully selected, well-established team of reliable and trusted professionals across Italy and abroad.

Tailor-made approach

We manage the whole chain, pursuing the right strategies and methods according to the client’s specific needs.

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