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Subsidised Financing

With a hand from us, subsidised financing is within reach. Tenders, grants and tax breaks to guarantee new liquidity for you.

Whether it’s access to full subsidies, government guarantees or public-private co-financing, we know how to pinpoint which is right for your needs.

We speed up and simplify the whole process

We follow and monitor the entire bureaucratic procedure from start to finish, making it easier to obtain the subsidies. For banks and other lenders and financial intermediaries, we also work in outsourcing agreements, offering risk mitigation and capital savings tools associated with disbursing loans to SMEs, through support from a team of experts and advanced, specific computing tools that automate the bureaucratic application process with a view to managing operational risks.

Every year, vast sums of EU, Italian and regional funds are allocated to finance projects as long as they meet the specific development guidelines set by legislators.

This is a great opportunity to obtain liquidity on a large scale. However, accessing these subsidies is not so simple.

The right support for your goals


Whether you are a business or a bank, our Subsidised Financing service gives you the support you need to achieve your goal, whether that is to get the funding you need to support your business plans or to outsource the application process with a view to managing operational risks, such as the Italian Central Guarantee Fund (as per Law 662/96).

We even offer complete consulting through a team of experts devoted to you, along with useful tools to identify which tender processes match your business’s needs as well as to handle the application process.

Take full advantage of Subsidised Financing

Subsidised Financing for Banks

Our services will allow you to offer subsidised financing to your customers via an automated tool to access EU tenders, funds and tax credit schemes.

Subsidised Financing for Companies

We’ll help you identify the right tenders, funds and tax credits for you, allowing you to meet the deadlines and receive the subsidies that work for you.

Advantages for Banks

Subsidised finance for your customers

With the access to credit that assures them of the best possible terms and conditions.


Risk and loss mitigation

To  healthy, sustainable liquidity for your customers.


Enhance your portfolio of services

The team of experts at Cerved FinLine will expand the opportunities available to your customer base.


Advantages for Companies

All types of subsidised and reduced rate financing

We identify, select and astutely suggest the tenders that best match the nature of your business.

Driven Consulting

With in-depth knowledge of the Italian business world and analytical and consulting capabilities to provide direct value.

Simplifying the bureaucracy

We put together all the documentation required for applications and monitor the procedure from the start until the legal benefits are received.

Who we serve

Large companies



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