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Real Estate Services

For real estate project success, you need accurate verification of information about properties. Our experts, procedures and tools will help you get it done.

We take full advantage of property asset management and appraisal activities in order to make portfolio management easier for you. You’ll be liberated from all the complex bureaucratic aspects and will be supported by our network of surveyors, who will assess your properties and provide an appraisal of their commercial value.

The completeness of our real estate data. The quality of our services.

Managing real estate assets can mean dealing with heaps of documents. Even in this digital age, demonstrating the existence, ownership and availability of a property is complicated work, because gathering the data, deeds and certificates is not easy and not something to be taken for granted. Moreover, you need the best experts in order to receive surveys that are oriented towards accurate estimates of the commercial value.

We resolve all these issues through a set of services that speeds up and consolidates all real estate appraisal and asset management activities.

What we can do for you:


We offer complete appraisal services for all needs. We have a network of certified expert surveyors and appraisers across the whole country that provide full, accurate surveys and appraisals. This can be supplemented with automatized verifications of individual properties or entire portfolios, thanks to the AVM Cerved model developed in accordance with the highest international standards.


Entrust due diligence procedures and real estate asset valuations to us. We guarantee complete scrutiny, performing checks on ownership, construction information, building use classification and transferability, and will make all documentation required for various purposes available.


Get all the information you need from all of Italy’s official Real Estate and Land Registers. You even have the option of purchasing mortgage and deed survey reports, and can monitor any ownership changes to assets you’re interested in.


Discover how valuable it is to have a team of experienced consultants at your side who will help you develop your real estate project. You’ll get great support in the form of scouting and in-depth analysis to meet your planning, legal and operational needs.

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real estate registers to perform title searches


all the documentation you need, fast


the ownership and availability of any property you’re interested in


your credit by identifying all properties eligible for repossession


properties to determine which ones to rent out


accurate surveys and appraisals of the commercial value of any of your properties

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