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Public Contracts

Increase your market share with government-owned companies and public bodies. With ContrattiPubblici.org you can find out about all existing contracts, suppliers selected and expiry dates.

We’ll help you monitor the Italian public sector’s entire budget planning: procurement processes, public contracts, open tenders and subsidised projects. You’ll be able to seize new business opportunities much faster, and even identify who your competitors, potential customers and potential partners are.

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Explore purchasing dynamics, monitor competitors and identify potential partners

ContrattiPubblici.org – platform designed by Synapta, a Cerved’s partner – lets you track all the phases of any public sector procurement process. This solution brings all the data into a single, highly navigable access point, and helps you find all the new opportunities for your business. Thanks to our analysis and monitoring systems, you’ll get alerts about deadlines you’re interested in, regarding competitors or partners. You’ll be able to delve into the history of contracts awarded, including those below the thresholds, and can participate in new calls for tenders by getting prepared even before they are announced.

Optimise your tender activities by taking a data-driven perspective


You can analyse your competitors’ commercial interaction histories, including in low-bid tenders, and find potential partners. You can also carry out a qualification process for your suppliers and pinpoint potential new suppliers by addressing requests for offers or invitations to participate in open tenders, thereby effectively scouting the market even in very vertical areas. It is a web-based system, so it does not require installation, and is simple and user-friendly. The ability to easily analyse huge quantities of data in a short time will speed up your reaction time and enable you to develop a sustainable business model.

Are you a business? With ContrattiPubblici.org you can:

Find prospective customers (e.g. searching by type of geographical area) and feed your commercial pipeline

Monitor when direct contracts expire, so as to know in advance when new calls for tenders are likely to be announced

Prepare to bid in a specific tender by learning more about previous tender contracts

Analyse commercial interaction histories, including bid reductions made by your competitors

Improve your company’s positioning on the public contract market compared to your competitors

Assess your potential based on geographical variables, the type of procurement procedure and the type of buyer

Keep track of new tenders you’re interested in, including via automatic notifications

Are you a public body? Helps you:

Keep framework agreement and convention-based contracts under control and carry out benchmark analysis

Find new suppliers and service providers to implement an official supplier list and/or more effectively target your bid requests through self-conducted analyses

Consult markets and identify which companies are most active in each sector, including specialty niches

Conduct active benchmarking to gauge the expenditures of other tender commissioning bodies and whether suppliers’ bids are consistent

Monitor agreement and convention-based contracts, and establish your commercial offer

Perform comparative analysis against your offer portfolio and streamline your network

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