Credit Risk for banks & finance

Does your job ask extensive knowledge and constant updating on your client customer portfolio, whether they are business, public or private?
Do you need to carefully check their credit standing to receive timely information helping you limit your risk ?
Ask us. We have all the answers, data and instruments you need to verify and monitor your customer portfolio in a timely and reliable manner, so to help you in mitigate any risk.

  • We help you build a value customer portfolio consistent with the credit systems implemented by your bank or financial company.
  • We put at your disposal digital methods and instruments designed to figure out in which direction portfolio risk evolves.
  • We support you in the delicate credit awarding process and in assessing customer reliability.
  • We are at your side in all your activities regarding customer's lifecycle and we are committed to helping you avoid potentially risky choices.

Are you looking for instruments allowing to build a portfolio of quality customer, flexible and consistent with your credit policies? Is your goal to identify prospects that have already passed a first risk check?
Choose and use our instruments. They will support in all preliminary selection and customers verification activities according to your credit policies.

In a context of continuous change and highly challenging, is it vital for you to keep up-to-date and monitor the economic-financial performance and risk profile of your customers portfolio? Do you need evaluations especially targeted at crediting a credit?
Keep up with us. We are always alongside you with process solutions that improve the credit assessment and lead you in making correct decisions.

To understand how portfolio risk is evolving, do you need suitable methods and tools? Do you want to detect strengths and weaknesses of your customer portfolio?
Ask us. With our analysis we can give you information massively on your portfolio and help you handle correctly your credit policy.

Do you aim to receive timely information on all aspects which may alter the profile reliability of your customers? Do you need to know if the trust given to a customer in the credit award phase can be renewed over time?
Access to our monitoring platforms, created to meet all levels of knowledge you need. You will keep under control companies and persons and know, day by day, if the conditions that determined the assignment persist over time.

Do you point to a more effective and shared management of data related to your customer portfolio? Do you need access to data in multi-user mode and extract them with different levels of complexity and completeness according to the use context?
Trust our systems. We provide you with unique environments highly performant to enjoy all the information you need from different branches and subsidiaries simultaneously. We give you the possibility to call the data via API, FTP and web service and receive them in a broken or aggregated form according to your need.

Data Integration is a modular service to which you can refer to extract and aggregate among them all the information for you at different levels: from simple data to more detailed and structured documents and services.

Do you need to know the existence of your customers and your suppliers real estate and evaluate their assets given in guarantee ?
Contact us. The official sources we draw from guarantee you verified and reliable documents and news updated in real time.

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