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Business Agile Transition

Change doesn’t hang around for anyone: design new products and services in an agile mindset and heighten your business potential.

If your company doesn’t want to fall behind in an uncertain and constantly evolving environment, it is going to need to reduce risks and heighten its potential, by putting what’s important first: people’s real experiences. We’ll help you take on this challenge by introducing the principles of agile business practice to your organisation.

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of experience as a fully agile company


projects to revise processes in an agile form


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The right mix to grow and achieve results

There are methods and best practices that enable organisations to quickly and creatively respond to all the complexities of their business context.

To reach its goals, your company needs to assimilate agile business principles and values throughout the product and service life cycle, from conceptualisation to implementation.

The phases of product and service development, in fact, pose major challenges and thus require a set of flexible tools that put people first.

We call this Agile E2E, and it is a combination of ‘design thinking’ and ‘Scrum’ discipline, which we will help you use in a balanced manner based on your company traits and business objectives.

The advantages of collective and collaborative thinking

Thanks to design thinking techniques, our multidisciplinary teams possess immediately fruitful tools that they share in order to focus on people’s actual needs, without losing sight of the ecosystem in which the project is being contemplated.

The ‘Scrum’ discipline facilitates cooperation and the achievement of goals, by distributing responsibilities and promoting continuous improvements.

Our exports will accompany your organisation, combining training by our Agile coaches, practical knowledge and measurement of results in order to develop or innovate your products and services.

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Face complexities thanks to processes geared towards minimising risks.

Stimulate collective intelligence, through shared creativity and experiences within your organisation.

Make your business original with desirable, feasible, sustainable products and services.

Monitor results and take action to continue improving, increasing value for your customers and satisfaction for your team.

Who we serve

Large companies

Telcos & Utilities


Insurance companies

Case Studies

Digital Factory

We helped a leading Italian banking group launch its own Digital Factory, a unit dedicated to designing new, innovative products and services through an agile approach. Our service designers and the agile team coach worked with a group of over 40 people from various departments of the company on learning about and adopting agile principles and techniques in order to tackle complex project challenges in a cooperative and innovative style.

Results achieved

In its first project, the Digital Factory employed its agile approach to analyse critical aspects of contracts in various areas of the company, including the legal department, IT and the commercial segment. Thanks to this new approach to the project, in only three weeks the company succeeded in devising a solution that enabled it to align itself with regulations in force within the established time frame.