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Anna Zanardi


Consultant of various Boards of Directors of listed and non-listed companies, and of Family Business, she acts in the field of governance and people strategy; she is the Executive Coach of Presidents, CEOs and Executive Committees, facilitating decision-making processes through the necessary alignment for the implementation of strategic and industrial plans.

Among others, she is (or has been) executive coach and C-Level advisor to 18 Fortune 500 Global companies. Certified member of several international professional committees. She graduated in Economics, then continued her studies in Psychology at various universities including Stanford University and Insead. She holds a PhD in Psychology and one in Theology.

She writes for the main newspapers and magazines on the topics of cultural change and its complexity; author of more than twenty books on leadership and organization, translated into various languages, as well as numerous clinical publications. She is an APA International Affiliate and an EAP Psychotherapist and holds an IDP-C-International Directors’ Certificate Insead and sits on several boards of directors and profit and non-profit organizations. Professor of Practice in Leadership and Corporate Values, Luiss Business School, Rome, and Director of the Master HR.

She is fluent in 6 modern languages ​​and has a passion for ancient languages ​​and applied ethics.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A, Wateralia S.p.A., Trevi S.p.A. and Cedacri S.p.A., where she holds roles in the Remco (Chairman) and Risk Committees. She is also a member of the Consel Elis Board of Directors.