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Consulting and Credit performance

When it comes to managing receivables, you can do more. With us, your performances will rise and you can improve your credit processes and policies.

We will help you perfect your credit management performances and policies. You will have access to a dedicated consulting service to identify all the actions you can take to improve your existing practices or adopt new ones.

Learn from our expertise in credit policy and credit management

Boost your ability to manage your receivables with our distinctive consulting services designed specifically by credit managers, for credit managers. A pool of consultants who have in-depth experience as credit managers or CFOs in various business sectors will work with you, even on-site if desired, to help you map out, measure and improve both your performances and your official and implicit credit policies.

We provide value-added support with tips, assessment methods and consolidated best practices and strategies. You will be able to identify an entire set of improvements you can make on your existing credit policies, perform a check-up on your practices or even establish new ones. By measuring your performances, you can objectively see the areas for improvement and recognise what concrete actions you can take to maximise all of your performances.

Product advantages

Improve your credit processes and policies

Verify possible sources of inefficiency

Establish credit processes and policies in a structured manner

Reduce all costs related to credit management

Case Study - FOOD

Improved cash flow thanks to fewer legal disputes and hidden expense items.

For a leading Italian food industry company, we fostered a positive cash flow impact to the tune of around €400,000 by helping the company reduce its days sales outstanding, cost to serve and legal dispute cots, as well as improving cash flow from contingent losses.

50+ credit managers have evaluated and redesigned their processes with us in 2020

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